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Situated in the sunny south-east of Ireland, surrounded by both mountains and the sea, Oulartleigh Equestrian is only 2 flight hours away from the rest of Europe and another 1.5 hours away from our capital, Dublin. 

It´s close to both Wexford and Ennsicorthy, two of the larger cities in Ireland and therefore very easy to get to. Oulartleigh Equestrian has a beautiful scenery with a lot of tracking land for training young horses or just hacking on a Sunday morning. 


When Sandra and Nicky bought Oulartleigh in 2014 no one would have believed that it would turn out to be such a beautiful and exceptional place. Now, only 5 years later, Oulartleigh is as close to the vision as somehow possible. Visit us and see it for yourselves! 

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