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It's the best place in the world   ~Nicky Borssim

Our Team!

Sandra Borssim

Sandra is the founder and owner of Oulartleigh Equestrian. Ever since 2014 she has been working non-stop to make her dream of this equestrian enterprise come true. With her wide range of horse-knowledge, successful competition experience to a respectable level, she is always the first to help with any horse issues and her skills as a rider and horsewoman are very valuable when it comes to the most difficult cases. She believes, it is highly important to train each horse according to its special talents to create a successful, happy horse. 

Niclas Borssim

Nicky is our machine-man here at Oulartleigh. Whenever there is a technical problem, Nicky is right there to fix it.

We would be truly lost without him!

James Connors Smith

Gifted young horse man with talent and attitude for the sport to die for.

Running his own enterprise in Pallas, Waterford he is part of our riding force to make sure we get the best for our horses!

Frederike Meyer

Equestrian Dreams can become true at Oulartleigh, whether you are training, showing or hacking at the beach. I have never been at a place as wonderful as this!

~ Frederike Meyer, team member and fashion expert

Debby Rothwell

A woman that gets the job done! 

One of the most efficient and professional women we know.

Running her own yard Ballyrue very successfully 

If breaking or sales support she is our go to person.

Ana Gonzalez

Ana came to Oulartleigh and inspired everyone with her pure talent. As our head jockey she spends most of her time riding the greenest horses and turning them all into diamonds. She is a very gifted showjumper that has won many different competitions with numerous horses. We are very proud of the progress that she made and hope that she will continue her good work!

Assigned to the team: our 5*experts

Tom Byrne

Showjumping Trainer

Steven Laird

Equine Dentist

Detlef Peper

Eventing Trainer

Austin Fanning


Niamh Fitzpatrick


Shane McCaul


John Warrick

Vet, specialised in Biomechanics

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