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Personal Development

The Farm Oulartleigh and her animals offer a unique environment to let go and to discover yourself on a complete new level.

Here you will find the space and time to heal, grow and find answers.

With the horses limiting beliefs and behaviours such as confidence issues, boundaries, communication, fears or addiction and relationships will be challenged.

You will find answers and solutions which can be applied in your daily life leading to balance and happiness! 

The time with the horses is supported by informal discussion, quite reflection time and a good cup of tea!



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This fun and very effective method works in a gentle and nearly indirect way as the focus is on the horses and therefore takes the pressure of the individual.

Profound learning takes place though experimental and visual experiences which will never be forgotten!!!

We offer half or full day sessions, weekend workshops or longer retreats.

Flexible options available

Looking forward to see you!

Groups welcome

Learn more about the farm Oulartleigh and the area


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Bravery is fear plus one step!

Thank you for this exciting, instructive and wonderful time. 

I will never forget this weekend.

The workshop were more than good, a solution always found and a positive shift in the right direction was just inevitable.

I will be back!


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