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Only one phone call away from your new horse


Are you simply too busy to waist time with numerous viewings/phone calls/vettings? We understand todays life is busy! Between work and family commitments very little time is left to look for your next horse. Making endless phone calls, organizing a time slot when the whole family is able to view the pony and drive hundreds of kilometers is not fun, never mind vetting and transport procedures

Are you sick and tired looking at horses that don't hold their promises? We've all experienced these phone calls where after patiently listening to the heart warming life story of the vendor the'' SUN,MOON & Stars'' were promised: - absolute super star in the making  -16.2 hands , gelding, sound, healthy -quite to do everything with -easy to ride , no buck nor rear, ever!  Not believing our luck agreeing a viewing asap to not missing out on this opportunity   SADLY to find out the unicorn turned into a lame 15h mare with ears pinned back and after reluctantly leaving the stables  proceeded with a nice display of a rodeo horse?  Sounds familiar?

Are you inexperienced and don't want to waist your money and putting your health at risk by buying the wrong horse? Buying a horse is a life changing investment that should bring joy and happiness to the whole family but can turn into a nightmare if the new horse is not suitable. Understandably it's a frightening experience for novice equestrians. the cute look of the pony's face is often the deciding factor or the reasonable priced 3 year old, followed by the words ''They'll grow up together'' are major mistakes when it comes to buying a horse. Confusing advice from family and friends often doesn't help as usually they are looking with their own needs and not your daughter/son's or your requirements. What's good for one is not necessary good for the other. You are not alone! With 25 years of experience in horses and teaching we are here to help you find the right partner

Why not try our successful agency service?


What we do

  • Free in depth consultation to clarify your musts & needs

  • Award winning customer communication

  • Presorting of suitable horses

  • Extensive info about the horses incl. videos, pics, breeding, results etc

  • Viewing with or without you trialing rideability, stable manners and health

  • 24/7 customer care during viewing time incl. driving service, overnight stay & cuisine 

  • organizing mind boggling procedures such as vetting, passport and transport  


What you get

  • Professional advice

  • Horses picked especially to your requirements

  • You are our client - not the seller!

  • Excellent aftercare 

  • 25+ years of experience

  • Independent advice during viewing

  • Support with price negotiation to ensure best value  

  • Wide range of network all over Europe to make best possible match

  • Flexible & hassle free 

  • Independent vet support for vetting, evaluation of x-rays etc

  • Reliable & trustworthy transport options


Depending on your individual needs-we work of a percentage of the sales price per horse

ONLY 10 %

Reduction on multiple buys and by only using part of our service package 

Not included are flights, accommodation, vetting and transport fees

Here you can see a few examples of successful
match making thanks to our agency service at

Oulartleigh Equestrian

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