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Oulartleigh Equestrian is a motivated and innovative team of international riders run by international accredited coach Sandra Borssim. The business  specializes in sourcing,  breeding and producing talented eventing and jumping horses for the top sport but also enjoy finding good ponies as well hunting and amateur horses for our clients to enjoy their pass time on horse back 

We believe in producing our horses in a wholesome way to ensure confidence and trust are manifested. Over the years we produced and sold European Champions, international successful horses and ponies but also made many amateur clients and hunting friends from all over Europe happy with their perfect partner.

If you are on the look out for a new partner just get in touch with us!

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''Not winning but my passionate love for horses and people,  created the energy needed that got Oulartleigh Equestrian to the next level. ''


~Sandra Borssim


The core idea of Team Oulartleigh is doing it right from the beginning, either in breeding,the production of horses or in the training of our many clients.

Together we are achieving our goals, facing our fears and enjoying the time with our horses. 

Oulartleigh Equestrian was founded in 2014 by Sandra Borssim. Located in the beautiful south-east of Ireland near the village Glenbrien, Sandra is living with her son Niclas on the grounds of the beautiful boutique farm. Here they produce talented sporthorses and ponies, hunters and amateur horses.

Due to Sandra's family history she is passionate about breeding the successful cross between Irish Sport Horse and Holstein Warmbloods.

We believe in concepts and routines. All our horses enjoy daily paddock or field visits and with our super cooperation partners we ensure the best feed, tack and bedding for our four legged friends. Regular visits with dentists, physios and a superb network of specialized vets are a must.

We don't only train horses but people, too! Each year we look forward to meet many revisiting and new horsey friends from all over Europe that we coach to achieve their dreams...

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